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Health Canada Falls Behind on Licensing Micro Cultivators

Nine months after companies were given the go ahead to apply for micro level licenses, Health Canada has issued just the second micro license while more than 100 companies have been authorized to cultivate and process cannabis under the standard license designation.

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BC Bud Producers Say New Regulations Will Weed Out Small Growers

Thanks to a recent change in Health Canada rules, B.C.’s small cannabis farmers may have to spend up to $2 million each to meet federal regulations before they can even think of applying for a government licence.

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Cannabis Co-Operatives: Can Working Together Preserve Small Players?

Founded in February, Grow Tech Labs has already taken under their wing the BC Small Cannabis Producers and Processors co-op, while others like the Cascadia Agricultural Co-op Association and Kootenay Outdoor Producer Co-op are collectivizing even more of the province’s existing farms.

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