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BC Bud is Losing Out to Alberta

So you’d think almost a year into cannabis legalization, BC would retain its title as one of the best and most cannabis-friendly provinces in the country. But you’d be wrong. And that’s mostly thanks to governmental red tape so bad that it has basically hamstrung BC’s legal industry and allowed other provinces, particularly Alberta, to take the cannabis lead as BC fumbled a decades-long headstart.

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Health Canada Falls Behind on Licensing Micro Cultivators

Nine months after companies were given the go ahead to apply for micro level licenses, Health Canada has issued just the second micro license while more than 100 companies have been authorized to cultivate and process cannabis under the standard license designation.

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No growth: Canada's craft cannabis producers mired in red tape

Six months after recreational cannabis became legal in Canada, only one company in the entire country holds a licence for craft production, but that’s not discouraging micro-producers from gearing up to enter the legal market.

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